Do you have high quality and compelling content on your website? What are your articles and press releases saying about you?

Due to most recent google updates you need to answer these questions as well as  – who am I getting links from, instead… where am I getting links from. This shift in our understanding is crucial if you want your online marketing strategy to bring measurable results.

Content is KEY

Without a doubt any business has an important mission – to become an authority figure in a particular industry. Therefore it is crucial that your content is of high quality and promotes your services in an appropriate manner.

Your copy should be:content writing

  • appealing, easy to read and often rich in facts, (rather than just stuffed in overselling slogans)
  • keyword reach and SEO optimised for high rankings


Why High Quality and Unique Content is important?

Google has initiated a major change to its algorithm, which will specifically target websites of poor or low quality. Your ultimate goal should be to create high quality and fresh content to evoke curiosity and interests of users – that will link your websites naturally, as a result.

Unique Content -  In some Google Blog post Amit Singal was quoted as saying:

“It [Google] will provide better rankings for high-quality sites—sites with original content and information such as research, in-depth reports, thoughtful analysis and so on.”

Interestingly, higher word count articles are seen as having more value.  A good rule of thumb is to make sure that your articles are at least 500-800 words (min.400 words).

Many businesses made a great living by easily gaming the Google algorithm. They bought cheap links out of India; they bought cheap content out of the Philippines. That is no longer a workable strategy for an organisation – Panda and Penguin updates made it clear.

What kinds of Content can you have?

 Website content on pages (including SEO optimised images and videos)
 Pdfs; ebooks, whitepapers
 Youtube Videos (Use Powerpoint and then screen capture)
 Blog Posts
 Email marketing newsletters
 Infographics and image driven articles
 Google + high quality authors writing about you