Are you driving high quality and relevant traffic to your website? Is your website search engine friendly?

Small businesses rely on their Internet image to attract clients and resources. Shaping and communicating company’s image online is a challenge on a national and global scale. In order to attract clients, serve their needs and retain them, business owners need to be actively involved in understanding client needs and market their offering accordingly.

Best search marketing = Top SEO

Your SEO marketing strategy should be completely bespoke, designed for your objectives and always looking at improving your authority. In this unpredictable and constantly changing online environment it is important you do not apply cookie cutter approach to SEO marketing. Deploying selected SEO techniques in different measures each month in order to build sustainable long term traffic is better than quick wins!

If you want your website to score well on Google, you need to find out the following:

  • if you are using your keywords correctly
  • what is hindering your rankings
  • what is your site speed performance
  • what is your competitors marketing profile
  • how popular is your website and sub pages
  • what is your link building telling about your website
  • how effectively is your website optimised for Google

In order to get the best out of your business/school/university profile you need to ensure the SEO strategy is tailored to your needs and unique to your objectives.